Primate Essentials

Proper feeding, heating, and supplements are a necessity to raise any
baby monkey. Make sure to pre-order these essential products prior to the
arrival of your new baby.


sugar glider carrier,glider bag,small animal carrier,marmoset bag,glider,carrier,marmoset carrier
Gray Carrier 7″ x 8″
carrier ,marmoset bag,marmoset carrier,sugar glider bag,marmoset carrier
Baby Blue 7″x 8″
Marmoset carry bag,pet bag, marmoset bag,primate carrier
Pink Carrier 7″x 8″
marmoset carrier,monkey bag,sugar glider nest
Giraffe Carrier 7″ x 8″
marmoset for sale,monkey carriers,sugar glider,glider home
Blue Carrier 7″x 8″
 Black Carrier  7″x 8″
calcium supplement for all monkeys
Calcium Powder
monkey feeding syringes baby marmoset bottles
6 cc Oral Syringes
$3.99 (3pkg)
1cc monkey feeding syringes
1cc  Feeder
$2.99 (3pk)
feeding bottles for monkeys and primatesNursing Bottle 4oz
primate bottle feeding bottles for monkeys and primates
Nursing Bottle 2oz
$3.99 (2pk)
Heat coil 60 watt heat primates and monkeys
Ceramic Heat  60
Heat coil 100 watt
Ceramic Heat 100 Watt
Heat coil 150 watt
Ceramic Heat 150 Watt
monkey harness for marmosets and capuchins
Primate Belly Chain
accai arabic gum tree sap for monkeys arabic gum
Accia Gum 25gm
$ 6.99 
accai arabic gum tree sap for monkeys
Accia Gum 50gm
$ 12.99
marmoset water bottle
Water Bottle 4oz
monkey water bottle
Water Bottle 16oz
monkey water bottle 32oz
Water Bottle 32oz
Digital Thermometer keep acurate temperature for healthy animals
Digital  Therm.
Heat Packs portable heat
24 Hour Heat Packs
Marmoset carrier camoflauge
Camo Carrier
Black Carrier
Black Carrier
marmoset stainless steel dish
10oz Stainless Cup
primate spring toy
52″ Bungee Toy