Marmoset Care (10)

What age do we start hand feeding babies?

Most of our Marmoset parents will feed their babies until we are ready to wean them. If your baby is born as a triplet they will be hand fed from day one. We like to hand feed our babies from three weeks old which will make them very social and having three weeks with mom and dad will make them a big healthy baby. When it comes to Cotton Top Tamarin babies they are usually fed from day one.

Do I need a permit to buy a monkey?

Depending on your State and or City you may be required to obtain a licence. We are located in Florida so if you also reside in Florida you must have a personal permit for a marmoset, tamarin, or lemur. This is the link to obtain your free permit.

Please make sure you file an evacuation plan with your Florida Permit.


If you are considering a Capuchin you will need a class 3 with a Capuchin exception. You should check the laws to make sure everything is in proper order before bringing your new baby home.

How do I reserve a baby?

We breed all of our babies at our facility in South Florida and have a limited number of babies available. In order to insure a baby for you we ask for a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. Once we commit a baby to you we will not sell it to someone else and we need to know that you are serious and committed to your new baby.

What is the proper diet for Marmosets?

ZuPreem Marmoset can diet
ZuPreem Primate Chow
Powdered Marmoset diet
Mazuri New World Primate Pellets
Boiled chicken, cooked fish.
Assorted Fruits and veggies from the following: Apples, cantaloupe, oranges, peaches, plums, nectarines, bananas, broccoli, corn, green beans.
Dates, chopped or whole
Nuts, peanuts, pasticcio, hulled sunflower.
Hard Boiled eggs







Diaper and dressing my new baby?

The earlier you start to diaper your baby the better. You will start with a diaper cover XS with a mini pad attached inside. At Primatesupplys  facility  we will put a diaper cover on at 4-5 weeks for short periods of the day so they will be comfortable in a diaper. Clothing is an option that will change your monkey’s personality. You will be the dominant force in his life which will form the proper bond and allow you to handle him and dress him every day without any resistance to this daily chore.  If you wait til they are five months old it will be a battle you may loose.

What type of medical care will they need?

Marmosets and Tamarins require no vaccines or special care. We recommend having a relationship with a Veterinarian in case of an emergency. Annual visits would be very beneficial for a stool check and just to have a second opinion. With proper diet and Sunshine you should never experience any problems but in case of an emergency you should be prepared. If a Marmoset gets diarrhea or a cold we cannot wait to get medical attention.

Is Acacia Gum Important?

Marmosets are known to be gum feeders. They gnaw on trees to get the gum in a natural setting. In the wild they spend most of their time foraging. They will spend 25% of their day working on getting sap from a tree. The acacia is a source of calcium and minerals. I also find the Tamarins love to work for the gum.
Mix one part of powder with two parts of water. Refrigerate for three to four hours and when it becomes firm and sappy its ready for distribution. Drill some holes into wood (like branches or bamboo) and fill them with this prepared gum.

What age will I get my baby?

We like to get our babies in their new home by eight weeks old. Depending on how well the baby is feeding we will strive for placement between five and eight weeks old. Some babies mature faster and will make a transition at a younger age.

Can you ship my baby?

We highly recommend all babies to be picked up so they are not put in a stressful situation. It is possible to ship a baby when the weather is between 70 degrees and 85 degrees. Babies cannot  regulate their body temperature so cold temperatures can create a stressful or deadly situation. We can deliver within the State of Florida to make your trip a little more convenient.

How will I feed my new baby?

When you receive your baby he or she will be syringe feeding 4-5 times a day. They will also be eating some solids and over the next few weeks they will go to 2-3 feedings a day and a variety of solid foods.