Available Primate Babies

Baby Marmosets also called Finger Monkey,  and Cotton Top Tamarins  will be available soon. Reserve one now .

Marmoset babies for sale: Marmosets are available year round but due to demand there may be a waiting list . We do take a deposit to reserve a baby for you. Please email or call us for an update on available babies. We will have the following for sale throughout the year.

Marmosets: White Tufted and Pencillatta Babies $2800

Tamarins: Cotton Tops and Red Handed

lemurs Black  & White and Ring Tail usually available in May Or June.


January  2018


marmoset for sale monkey  Baby Marmosets:   Babies will be available January , 2018


cotton top tam  Cotton Top Tamarin :  Babies will be available  February  2018.


Feel free to email us with any questions: gregg@primatesupply.com