New  washable diapers are now available :  These are made with an absorbent pad in the center to keep your baby dry between diaper changes. All orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Baby (m) Marmoset ready to go 1-12-2018

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What babies are available today? 

baby monkey.capuchins,capuchin baby,
Capuchin Monkey
 marmoset,finger monkey,white tufted marmoset
Young Marmoset
IMG_0572Cotton Top Tamarin
capuchin monkey for sale
Capuchin Baby
geoffrey mamrm 2
Geoffrey Marmoset
baby cotton top tamarin
Cotton Top Tamarin
baby marmosets,finger monkey,marmoset for sale,minature monkey
Baby Marmosets
babu monkey,finger monkey pygmy monkey, marmoset for sale  Marmoset Babies


marmoset monkey, monkey forsale, white tuffted marmosetWhite Tufted Marmoset

Primate Supply has been serving South Florida since 1974.We are a USDA breeding facility with the highest quality babies available. With nearly 40 years experience in the pet industry we can get the best quality supplies to your door at competitive prices.